Dining "Les tables d’hôtes"

After 30 years as a manager in the automobile industry, I had the realization that life should be about following our dreams and passions.

Which is how my passions came to be. The desire to bring the old back to life, is why Sophie and I have decided to renovate the entire gite from the 13th century and share « le bon vivre » through a traditional French cuisine.

My first priority was to renovate the 2 beautiful wood ovens that we have in the kitchen.

The biggest oven is used for big occasions, such as the highly recommended “rendez-vous for the Bread cooking,” which takes place once a month with the locals, or for parties organized by our clients.

The smaller oven is used to cook such delicacies such as fowl, baby goat, deer legs, wild boars, dauphinoise potatoes, sea bass or tuna loin and our personal favorite, the ever so beautiful prime beef paired with fresh mushrooms picked the day before. But of course there’s no denying there’s nothing’s better than a ratatouille, made with vegetables from the garden, cooked slowly in the den of the wood oven…

We offer a simple cuisine, mainly cooked inside the wood ovens, with local products, vegetables from our garden, and according to the inspiration of the local market.

The resources of the region allow us to prepare unique recipes, such as young goat with garlic or escargots “à la Charentaise”, all served with incredible wines. You won’t want to miss the treasure of our region, Cognac, that you’ll try at the end of your meal. This amazing spirit is especially enjoyable when had seated in our veranda under the stars.

Our table is only upon reservation and must be done 24 hours in advance. But if you want a little snack, we’ll always find some eggs from our chicks to cook with sorrel and goat cheese produced by one of our favorite farmer’s